What is JamieLewisAcademy.com?

Jamie Lewis Academy is the one class online where the actual "Guru" builds your business WITH YOU.

There is no such thing as you bumbling around a "members area" watching boring marketing videos that will lead you nowhere.

You will come to a meeting every Sunday and take the complimenting video instruction in between meetings to become an expert at making your money online.

How long does it take to receive a JamieLewisAcademy.com diploma?

We offer a 6 week full Intensive!

Are there any financial benefits (Other than income) for enrolling in Jamie Lewis Academy?

Yes. Your tuition is tax deductible.

If I enroll today, when can I start?

Immediately after you sign up and enroll, you'll get your first class meeting with Jamie for FREE! We offer a 7 day free trial, so you can start working with Jamie and he'll help you begin building your business personally!

How does this differ from other online marketing courses?

This is a LIVE class, where the instructor has over 14 years experience in the industry and one of the most amazing success stories you will have ever heard about.

What will I learn with JamieLewisAcademy.com?

Get ready to master over 80 subjects, tasks and campaigns. Check out our full list of subjects you will be experiencing first hand on our curriculum page.

Is it just learning? or will you set my business up for me as well?

You will experience much more than just learning. You will be "doing" and I will be "doing" with you, whether it is building a new direct response page for you or purchasing premium domains with you.

Here at JamieLewisAcademy, my motto is "hands on business setups to ensure hands off futures."

I want to study at a state University instead, is this a good idea?

In our honest opinion, we believe there is no comparison.

Over a billion dollars a year is siphoned from our tax dollars to ensure most people are indoctrinated through the public school to Public University pipeline.

Success is futile for most as public universities only offer education to fulfill the desires of your locate state economies.

Business schools have even higher tuitions as the salaries desired from top level corporate jobs are much more lucrative. Sadly, most of these business schools are out of reach financially for the average American.

How much does JamieLewisAcademy.com cost?

Other colleges and universities dwarf JamieLewisAcademy tuition fees. In fact, young students hardly old enough to think are being stuck with tens of thousands of dollars in debt from school loans.

We pride ourselves on being anti-establishment to the core. We fight for the people and to empower the populous.

We also have a special running for enrollment of 2018. You will receive a free webinar meeting with Jamie if you purchase now.

You have two options. Pay in full for $1497 one time payment with a free first week, or four monthly payments of $497. You'll get your first meeting with Jamie for free whichever way you want to swing it!

Is it step by step?

Yes, we recommend taking a good look at our curriculum. The JamieLewisAcademy curriculum is simple, straight to the point and easy to grasp. We make things very clear and has been documented in a 1, 2 3 step format.

Will I be able to speak with Jamie himself?

Yes! This is how it differs from other schools. Jamie teaches the Sunday classes PERSONALLY.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Our guarantee is simple: If you do not see a return on your investment after the first 6 weeks, we will spend our own money on your second diploma.

Yes, you can study with JamieLewisAcademy for another 6 weeks for FREE, no questions asked.

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