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The JL Philosophies (The power of the individual)
The services to use - communication/skype - outsourcing - seo - hosting - how to manage multiple conversations
Branding and company names
Incorporating - copyrights - trademarks
What NOT to do - the 10 nonos
Mindset - Work ethic - activities - goal setting
Scaling - $1M to $10M
Selling digital products
Your Persona and attitude

Week 1 overview and re-assessment
Business model and niche assessments
Account setup: Clickbank, Amazon, Godaddy, Google, Youtube and Facebook.
Domain and Hosting
Brand Design.
Audio/Video Production
Activating Clickbank
Clickbank basics
Clickbank Marketplace basics

Week 2 overview and re-assessment
HTML basics
Your first Internet Property
Mapping and launching of Internet property
Public speaking: This will come in handy when we start sales Webinars
Product creation - packaging your product - zips
Sales Funnels - thank you pages - members areas
Conversion testing
Affiliate Recruitment and Incentives
Sales Webinars
Service Webinars
Powerful back burner business models
Customer Service

Email maketing basics
Email marketing campaign
Email marketing masterclass
Sales production process: Copywriting, video & audio production, editing, publishing
File Management - the power of alphabetical order
SEO Training
SEO workshop
On-site SEO test
SEO: Backlinking
Managing SEO outsourcing

Super Affiliate school
Competitive leaderboard school
Income assessment + Goal setting to 10X
Camtasia and keynote,  PPT video production
Web Design - html - php - wordpress
Selling your product on a marketplace - kindle - appstore - google play - amazon
Selling physical products
Profitable rogue videos
Youtube buying
Profitable Social Media
Paid Traffic basics
Different Paid Traffic Networks
Adwords school
Facebook ads school

Launch school
Your first million dollar launch
Turning to CPA network traffic for your products
Monetization week
High Ticket Services/Sales
Merchant accounts, processing and retailers
Hiring people (Outsourcing)
Reputation Management
Damage Control (When things go wrong) Diagnosis and solutions
Selecting your outside interests carefully
Managing all your money: Finances Workshop
Exit Strategy: Selling your domains, sites and/or business

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