May 14th, 2018: From the desk of Jamie Lewis..


Want to make real money online? Well I have come out of my retirement bunker to set the record straight.

I get a TON of questions daily regarding my case study I recently published.

You know, the one where we traveled to my student's houses and after showing them some stuff, they each made over $1500 in one day.

Make sure to read this entire page because if you want to make BIG money online, I guarantee there is NOTHING on the Internet that comes close to this amazing case study and you are next!

..When I invited one of my more "skeptical students," James Barraveccio to come out to my house because I always like a challenge.

After he got here he started filming everything. James is an aspiring rapper, producer and filmaker so this is what he does, and again I accepted the challenge and was excited to have someone documenting the magic.

Believe it or not, this case study was extremely well, for lack of a better word, "freestyle" meaning we had nothing planned.

So in the video, James introduces me and explains why he studies with me. I'm not an actor, I have been doing it for 10 years and gotten pretty good at showing other people how to do it too.

About a year ago, someone on the warrior forum had told me "take a lie detector test!"

And I thought to myself.. hmm, what a great idea!

I was a bit frustrated that in this day & age, utilizing all of the Internet technology that has been given to us, that there are still actually non-believers. So I called the cops and had them come & test me!

At the end of the test, my results showed "No deception indicated" which means "No lying."

So James asked me alot of questions about my webinars, and so I pulled up gotowebinar, where I had some reports that show my attendees questions.

Now I had James up close and personal, he wasn't just a student in my webinar anymore, he was basically hanging with me for the day at my house.

So I wanted to show him the actual report in person, instead of explaining it through the questions box on a webinar. But James is a tough cookie, and insisted they could be doctored or that "something didn't add up."

So I guess I proposed the unthinkable..

The same two students I was showing him their questions in the questions box on the webinar.

So I called my trusty limo service and my guy picked us up and drove us to the airport.

On the way down to NYC, James began filming again (As he always does) and asked for me to speak about how much I make, etc (I rolled my eyes) and then busted out the Iphone, where I have literally hundreds of screenshots.

The first one I showed him was a clickbank account where I sell hip hop beats primarily.

See this is the reason for having more than one account (I have 40 of them) because each account will be either for a different affiliate promotion or another product that you own.

(I use many other processors and retailers to make money online.

Next I showed James my sales with an entirely different network, Clicksure. These stats were a bit bigger, around $1500 a day.

I make it clear to my students that you won't make $40,000 a day like the big websites and the super affiliates right off the bat, but with a single promotion every morning, $1500 days are what I see all the time.

So after our "show & tell session" I slept the rest of the trip in the limo.

So when our plane touched down in New Orleans, we got ready to embark on a journey we could never imagine.

I psyched James up for the trip, then we got on an airboat to travel to my student Anna's house.

See, since I was looking in the gotowebinar stats by state, Anna and Alan lived very close to each other.

We were going to be able to "kill two birds with one stone."

The airboat we took to Anna's house was interesting.. it's fast actually!

We finally got there!

Meeting Anna in person was amazing.

It's not every day that you meet someone at their house (Instead of a convention) you have been talking to online in a webinar.

Although Anna had little experience with online advertising, I have to say she had been doing a great deal of marketing research and was ready to break the seal.

So we got started. I told Anna the plan and had prepared some ads for her, as well as a redirect and sent it to her email. We were ready to go.

I began by telling Anna the obvious..

All of these other marketers make it seem like they are unlocking some secret traffic source, when the secret itself is that we all use the top websites on the Internet like Facebook ads, Craigslist and Google to bring huge amounts of traffic, but we do it in a certain way, with a certain system.

I'm pretty good with that system, so after about 40 minutes of posting our ads, Anna's first commissions started coming in, and dozens of them.

Anna turned to me (As you can see in the video) and simply couldn't believe it.

I asked her if she would be able to "rinse & repeat" meaning if she could remember everything we went over and she felt confident that she could.

We kept refreshing the screen and just about everytime we did, the daily numbers would get higher.

When you click on the little green bars in your daily snapshot of your clickbank account, it will take you to a "transaction screen" where you can see the individual transactions.

The happiness that Anna was experiencing was priceless.

So another refresh of the browser and Anna had made $700 and at this rate, we could start to project that she would..

About 30 minutes after the last refresh (And after a tasty margarita Anna made me) we went back to the computer and refreshed the screen once more.

We told Anna we had to go as it was a trek back to civilization, but before we did, I wanted to do a "chore" for her around the house, which is customary when I do a surprise visit and allowing us to film.

It ended up being the dumping of leaves.

Now I felt like I was hugging my mom or aunt, as Anna was such a warm and caring person and reminded me of my family as they are from the south.

Her dog did try to bite me, but I think it's because I invaded his space.

Next, we take the airboat back and we stop off in a grove so I can answer more of James' questions.

Our editor edited out James, so it does look like I was just a salesman, but I promise that wasn't the case.

I explain to james that you need a Clickbank account, used primarily to sell digital products, which have stats next to them in the marketplace.

Stats that show popularity and the amount of affiliates that have had success with it. Clickbank is great for reverse enginneering your marketing research.

Next, I told James and his bloggers to make sure they have a paypal account, as when you win a leaderboard you'll be sent a prize usually by the vendor.

And heck, you need a paypal account for a dozen other reasons as well.

Lastly I instructed James to make sure he has an Amazon Associates account, because you can sell tons of physical products for commission as well. (No shipping for you! You just get the commission.)

So we thanked our Airboat captain and made it on our way.

Now James didn't know this, but while we were on the airboat, I called a Ferrari dealer and arranged for them to drop off a nice one with the keys inside and gave them my credit card number.

We jumped in and drove off, knowing the next stop would be my student Alan's house.

We saw a heck of alot of poverty in this area.

Some of the the towns were entirely abandoned, I thought I was in Kosovo or something.

So we finally made it to Alan's house, which is in a town a little more populated than Anna's.

So here he is.

Alan himself.

The man actually answered the door wearing a quiver full of arrows and a wrist guard!

After showing us how he practices for the war in his garage, Alan took us into the office where we would spend a few hours making history for him.

James fired up the trusty ol' video camera, and gopro strapped to his head and started documenting.

Just like with Anna, I showed Alan how to sign up, create an autoresponse, and start advertising which would inevetably send huge amounts of traffic at a Clickbank affiliate offer.

We took a brief break, in between postings and we talked about traffic sources and models.

Alan is a good student.

He listened and took it in.

Again, Alan had never made any money before and was a newbie so this would be another challenge, as I always have my students do everything, no matter how long it takes.

I'm just there instructing and have (what others have said) is amazing patience. I grew up on a farm during the summers as a kid so I am used to standing around. :)

We were almost finished when all of us started to get hungry, so we decided this would be the last ad then we would publish all of them and come back to work after we eat.

We ate at a diner that had been featured on the food network. It was pretty good, as I had the baby back ribs.

We got back, and logged into Alan's Clickbank account to see if we had made money yet.

Sure enough, there was $175 so far waiting for us!

Alan was thrilled.

Not only did we leave a little early for food, but we spent alot of time shooting bows and arrows and talking in the living room, so I was afraid we didn't post enough.

But sure enough, like clockwork the commissions started pouring in.

Another 10 minutes and Alan's Clickbank stats showed he had made $335.00 now!

At moments like these, I simply do not understand why everyone is not an affiliate marketer.

I'm serious, I have thoughts like this ALOT.

So at this point in the film, James asks Alan how long it took, for documentation purposes, and Alan explains it took only 45 minutes after we published our advertisements.

Now we knew we were leaving Alan's a bit earlier than we did with Anna, so the money was sure to keep coming in for at least another day as the ad will still be at the top of the list.

I did a chore for Alan as my customary arrangement, then James began to document "final thoughts' before we got on the plane to come home to Connecticut.

Alan explained he was amazed that he was able to make his first $500 (Soon to become $1500 after 3 days) and we shook his hand, getting ready to leave.

So our work was done.

James and I shook Alan's hand and then we got in the Ferrari and took the top down.

Now you may not know this but we had a third cameraman there, my friend Ian, so we actually had to slow down and wait for him to catch up in his ford taurus. Ha!

James was beside himself.

So at this part in the video, I explain that you don't need to rely on actual visits from me to make this type of money.

I do a webinar which is like a meeting or a "Class" where I do 1 on 1 with all my students.

..What if you could watch my screen, and heck I could even watch yours if you wanted me to and tell you where exactly to go to make the big super affiliate bucks?

Well that exists, and it's called the Jamie Lewis MASTERMIND, I do them once a week on SUNDAY evening.

The whole thing is, my webinars are designed the same way my lessons with Anna and Alan were.

Most of my students who do exactly as I do during the webinars have success.

If you haven't seen the whole video, definitely do. And for some reason if you have not yet seen it, I will narrate.

I explain that my webinar class is both the most effective, and affordable one in the industry.

I have done over 300 of them over 4 years, and do them once a week on Sundays.

I pride myself on having the best NO-BS, straight to the point polished system to obtaining boatloads of commissions from the Internet.

I also set goals.

From what Ive seen from myself and other students, I advocate shooting for $40,000 in a 6 month time frame at the minimum.

I shoot for a good amount of money in a realistic time frame, as I do not know everyone's physical and mental capability of taking directions.

And with that being said, yes.. you can sign up on this very page and for the same amount of a mcDonalds meal.

Now here's the kicker: James made a few hundred dollars before our trip with Clicksure. After our trip, he did exactly what he saw Alan and Anna do and made $900 in one day!

If James could do what Alan and Anna did just by observing, imagine what I could do with you when you have 16 coaching sessions with me? I think you could imagine.

Now you are probably also thinking, well it must be extremely expensive. Well, for one thing, I do not need to sell you on this as this thing sells itself, and you better believe that! But it will NOT cost you an arm & a leg to study with me.

As James explains, I am opening up the doors to my webinars once again.

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I had done over 5 million dollars in gross sales by the time I started teaching it.

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